Table of contents

This is the table of contents for the book. I had to limit myself to covering just a few applications per chapter, but I do mention alternative programs in each section.

Part 1, Introduction

1. Working with Free Software
A general introduction.

2. Getting Started
with Ubuntu installation.

Part 2, Tools

3. Photography
with the Gimp, F-Spot, gThumb, and XSane.

4. Illustration and Font Design
with Inkscape and FontForge.

5. Animation
with Synfig and KToon.

6. 3D Modelling
with Blender.

7. Publishing
with Scribus.

8. Making Music
with Mixxx, Seq24 and Hydrogen.

9. Recording Audio
with Audacity and Ardour.

10. Mixing and Mastering
with LADSPA and Jamin.

11. Video Editing
with Avidemux and Open Movie Editor.

12. Web Content
with Drupal CMS and Icecast.

Part 3, Appendixes

Appendix 1: GNU/Linux command-line quick reference.

Appendix 2: GNU Free Documentation License.