Crafting Digital Media available now!

Crafting Digital Media: Audacity, Blender, Drupal, GIMP, Scribus, and other Open Source ToolsCrafting Digital Media by Daniel James

My book Crafting Digital Media: Audacity, Blender, Drupal, GIMP, Scribus, and other Open Source Tools is now available to buy from Springer in the US and UK, as well as local bookshops.

I wrote this book so that more people could find out about the great range and excellent quality of Free Software applications now available. I'm looking forward to hearing what readers think about the book, and about the projects that they have created using the tools and techniques described.

I'd also like to hear about features you would like to see on this website which would help you get more out of the book. Discussion forums? Sample materials for the tutorials? Extra hints and tips? I'm thinking about adding all these things, and more.

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editions and covers

I try to buy my books through a New Zealand source and they have have offered me a book called Free Software for Creative People: Building etc. - Daniel James while you have Crafting Digital Media - Daniel James.

They appear to have the same ISBN.

I have found book covers, on the internet, with these different names. Are they the same book and the same edition published in late 2009.


Title change

The book was originally announced as 'Free Software for Creative People', which was the title I chose. Just before publication, Apress changed the title without my consent to 'Crafting Digital Media'. That's why you will find references to 'Free Software for Creative People' in book catalogues, on the Internet and in the book text and illustrations. The actual book content is exactly the same though.